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Work With Us

Work With Us

Jonathan Cartu Accounting Firm

Jonathan Cartu is a global accountant and audit firm providing services to private individual and corporations since 1987.  We work exclusively with leading legal firms such as  Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu,  Mazars and Avantisteam to ensure our clients receive professional and beneficial services that meet their financial objectives.

Our accounting staff understand bookkeeping is essentially a foreign language to organisations, thus it’s our job to assist in translating the relationship with their own clients and governments while also preparing their financial documentation.

Among other services, Jonathan Cartu provides assistance with tax reductions and auditing tools which are custom curtailed to the clients personal or corporate needs.  We advise clients’ on tax codes and corporate structures.  Jonathan Cartu works with global accounting and law firms such as the AvantisTeam to ensure tax codes are respected globally.  With over 280 CPA accountants in 12 countries, we strive to provide clients with professional advise and accounting services that our beneficial to their financial objectives.

We are an equal opportunity employer providing males and females opportunity to seek success.  We use the most advanced accounting software and provide our clients with detailed reports.  All of our internal and external communications are protected by AiroAV Malware protection software.