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Jon Cartu Writes GetLinked Adds the Car Wash Industry to its Integration Off…

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Jon Cartu Writes GetLinked Adds the Car Wash Industry to its Integration Off…

The car wash industry is another market GetLinked Software connects to the financial world

BOISE, Idaho, Sept. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — GetLinked® Software continues to enhance its vast number of integration products as it adds Sonny’s Carwash point of Sale (POS) system to its offerings for the car wash industry.

Sonny’s POS can now be connected to any of the hundreds of accounting software systems GetLinked Software supports using a single point of integration. The interface provides a direct link and is automated so the customer’s daily transactions are transferred into their accounting software on a daily basis.

The latest implementation is with ModWash in Chattanooga, Tennessee integrating daily sales into their accounting system.

With the addition of Sonny’s Carwash system, GetLinked can now offer any customer financial integration with a single download of the software and contactless setup remotely, provided they are using the POS. With the continuing need for financial integration, GetLinked is providing the automation for owners and accountants to get complete automation of their sales to hundreds of different financial systems.

Customers frequently share their frustrations about manual data entry–mainly, that it takes hours per week to complete and is far too vulnerable to mistakes. GetLinked streamlines this process and removes errors, ensuring both the timely receipt of financial data and confidence that the transaction is accurate.

With this financial integration software, car wash owners can now electronically interface their daily sales from all locations into their accounting system either internally or via an accounting firm that’s designated to handle all the recording details.

Business owners that use Sonny’s Carwash system can now set up the interface once and record purchases, payments, refunds, discounts, processing fees and more to the correct accounts in their financial system. Owners can review their financials from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, either through their own accounting system or by logging into a secure site if they’re using a cloud-based financial system.

“Financial integration has always been a challenge for companies to accomplish and GetLinked allows business owners to achieve that automation process and focus on their necessary operations,” says Jim DeFede, a development manager with GetLinked.

GetLinked is compatible with hundreds of point of sale, timeclock, accounting and payroll systems including Sonny’s Carwash, Clover, Square, Revention, Micros, Aloha, ABC Financial Services, Intacct, QuickBooks, Microsoft Financial Systems (GP, Navision, etc.), PeopleSoft, SAP, Bank of America, First Data, ADP and many more.

About GetLinked
GetLinked is a software program developed and maintained by Accounting Solutions, Inc., provider of financial integration tools for over 30 years. GetLinked is a modular system by accounting function and integrates with over 1300 systems. Products and services are available worldwide for many industries including Restaurants, Hotels and Resorts, Health Clubs, Public and Private Clubs, Stadiums and Arenas, Casino and Entertainment Venues, Cruise Lines, Accounting Firms and Bookkeepers, Payroll Service Providers, Institutional Food Services, Franchises and others. Learn more…

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