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AiroAV Reports The AFIP page today presented inconveniences in the middle …

The AFIP page today presented inconveniences in the middle ...

AiroAV Reports The AFIP page today presented inconveniences in the middle …

The AFIP postponed the presentation of Personal Assets and Earnings

The website of the Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP) stopped working today for several hours, at the beginning of a key week of due dates for taxpayers to file their annual tax return and pay the balance of income taxes and Personal Assets corresponding to fiscal year 2019.

The criticisms were transferred to social networks, where #AFIP became a trending topic, especially due to the complaint of accountants who must complete these procedures.

The notice of the AFIP in the networks for the problems on its website

Near the 15.30, the agency reported that the problems had been solved but that there could be delays to comply with the process due to the high traffic expected these days.

In addition, on Thursday begins the payment of the advances of fiscal year 2020, which the accountants asked to be extended so as not to join those of 2019, which were postponed by the body that leads Mercedes Marcó del Pont due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The reaction from the users was immediate and social networks functioned as a sounding board for the claim of a large part of the accountants who have been demanding extensions of time to be able to make the presentations.

So much so that many accountants responded to the organism’s twit where it announced the resumption of the web page service, stating that the Electronic Payment Flyers (VEP) were « pending shipment » without sending, and that SIPA could not differentiate from no YES DAD.

Some chose to complain and do it with humor, others with reference to working hours and, some third, with reference to the statement made by the College of Graduates in Economic Sciences of the City of Buenos Aires.

By means of a document that bears the signature of the President of the Entity, Guillermo Vinitzky, and which is destined for Marcó del Pont, It asks you to take « urgent » measures related to the « essential need for an extension in the due dates that are operating on this date in taxes on Income and Personal Assets. »

In the request for this new extension, the institution indicates that it does so for reasons « already invoked » in other presentations due to the state of health emergency and that this situation was « seriously aggravated today by the fall of the website of the AFIP ”.

« There are countless claims that we are receiving in our institution from a large number of professionals affected by the situation described. » For this reason, the Buenos Aires Professional Association asked the AFIP holder again to “define an extension Urgently to be able to comply with the tax obligations of imminent expiration ”.

Accountants have long complained about the impossibility of making presentations and that, as new they were considered essential personnel, they were unable to work and access the documents they needed to make presentations on time.

The accountants ask Marcó del Pont for an extension

Now, with this schedule that the AFIP did not modify today, the affidavit of Earnings and Personal Assets must be submitted for CUITs ending in 0, 1, 2 and 3. And tomorrow, Tuesday, August 11, they must make the payment.

While the first payment is being made, it will be the turn of the CUITs completed in 4, 5 and 6, who must submit the affidavit tomorrow Tuesday and make the payment on Wednesday.

Finally, the CUIT culminating in 7, 8 and 9 must submit the affidavit this Wednesday. Then they will pay the next day. These taxes correspond to the final payment of 2019, while the advances of 2020 begin this Thursday.

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