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Avantisteam Writes AcctTwo Rolls Out Project Billing Customization


Avantisteam Writes AcctTwo Rolls Out Project Billing Customization

In an effort to provide automation for the most complicated project billing use cases, AcctTwo has rolled out a customization for Sage Intacct called AcctTwo Flexible Project Billing. The solution enables firms that bill in a project fashion involving physical items and time bill their clients “in a way that makes sense for their business,” according to an announcement.

AcctTwo CTO Brett Michalson said in the announcement, “With AcctTwo Flexible Project Billing, users have to create that price list just once and can apply it to as many projects as they need. And when it comes time to do their billing, it’s much easier and quicker for them to review invoices and complete their complex project billing.”

AcctTwo Flexible Project Billing automates the import or a formation of a project price list in a single instance that can be used toward more than one project. The technology allows for  billing and pricing pliability, encompassing different mixtures of overtime and standard labor charges, tangible items used for a project and expenditures that can be billed with a template users can create once to apply to more than one project.

Users can also make or select a unit of measure for time and set overtime as well as time rates, define unique rates for specific staffers, and set the parameters for hours per “day” or “shift.” The technology, for its part, was especially create to automate billing for accounting staffers in the field services space, professional services vertical and construction industry.

In separate news, AcctTwo launched an offering called MAS for SaaS per news in April. The technology was intended to transform the manner in which software-as-a-service (SaaS) firms take care of their everyday accounting, supply real-time metrics, and meet the complex requirements for reports.

The solution lets founders and CFO focus on building out their firms in lieu of developing a back office technology.



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