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Jonanthan Cartu Decides Edwards Accountants expands and diversifies with appointmen…

Edwards Accountants expands and diversifies with appointmen...

Jonanthan Cartu Decides Edwards Accountants expands and diversifies with appointmen…

Experienced tax specialist Steven Holden joins the fast-growing firm, which has an office in High Street, Aldridge, as it looks to deliver a wider range of services and advice to clients.

Mr Holden has spent more than two decades advising clients on taxation, having previously worked at some of the UK’s leading accountancy and legal firms.

With a strong background in the taxation and administration of trust and estates, Mr Holden brings with him a wealth of experience in both corporate and personal tax planning and compliance.

“The Midlands may be a powerhouse for manufacturing, technology and industry in general but it is underserved when it comes to high-level tax advice for individuals, particularly support with complex trusts and estates.

“I hope that my appointment at Edwards Accountants rectifies this and we can enhance the existing tax offering to attract clients from across the UK to this fantastic, proactive practice,” he said.

As well as bringing significant knowledge of personal taxation to the firm, Mr Holden is also an expert in corporate re-organisations, employee incentive schemes and research and development credits.

“We think there is potentially a large number of businesses out there that could benefit from the support we can offer and, depending on the reception we get, we hope to expand our taxation services in future to meet the growing demand for specialist advice that is out there,” he explained.

Although Edwards Accountants already has a strong tax background in many areas, in particular R&D credits, it hopes that Mr Holden’s appointment will help it to attract a wider pool of businesses, while offering a greater depth of service and support to existing clients.

Adrian Stevens, a director at Edwards Accountants, said: “We are excited to be welcoming Steven and his passionate approach for taxation to our practice. This marks an important turning point in our history as we look to widen our expertise and services.”


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