Jon Cartu States: This is why Scheer’s U.S. citizenship matters - Jonathan Cartu CPA Accounting Firm - Tax Accountants
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Jon Cartu States: This is why Scheer’s U.S. citizenship matters

This is why Scheer’s U.S. citizenship matters

Jon Cartu States: This is why Scheer’s U.S. citizenship matters

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer acknowledges holding U.S. citizenship, Oct. 3

Andrew Scheer is either disingenuous or naive when he says he is in the process of renouncing his U.S. citizenship or is thinking about it — I’ve heard him say both. He speaks in a rather glib manner, as if it’s not a topic that’s worthy of much thought.

Many of us dual citizens have been thrust into a tax nightmare the past few years because of recent changes in the U.S. tax laws regarding U.S. citizens living outside the country. Many people who didn’t even know they were citizens, whose parents were born in the U.S. but who lived all their lives in Canada, have had to hire lawyers and accountants to come to grips with back taxes. This is not a back-burner issue. It is hard to believe Scheer hasn’t been deliberating about these issues like so many others.

If he decides to give up his U.S. citizenship, there will be consequences. What per cent of his net worth will be due to Americans for the privilege of leaving? How will he be treated at the border? But as prime minister, there is also how will he be treated by the current president, any future president or government officials? Americans take their citizenship very seriously. How would a prime minister who, in their opinion, was foolish enough to renounce the coveted prize of American citizenship, be perceived? What price would all Canadians be forced to pay from this diplomatic nightmare?

So Andrew Scheer is a citizen of the U.S. and personally holds pro-life views. Whether or not he was ever licensed to sell insurance products in Saskatchewan, should we not be more concerned about the substance of what he and the Conservative Party are selling us?

For example, Scheer has confirmed that he would pursue a legal challenge of a human rights tribunal’s decision requiring that compensation be paid to Indigenous children who were removed from their homes as a result of the federal government’s wilful and reckless discrimination. This is shameful, and not something I would expect of a prime minister, regardless of his or her citizenship, religious beliefs or work experience.

We now know that the government has begun a legal challenge to the decision compensating Indigenous children, but it is not at all clear where Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party stand on the issue if re-elected. Their track record on compliance with the tribunal’s orders is far from reassuring.

It is high time that we demand answers from our political candidates on matters of substance. Incidentally, both Jagmeet Singh’s NDP and Elizabeth May’s Green Party have clearly stated that they would comply with the tribunal’s ruling. Maybe there are better options out there. Let’s hear more about their policies, please.

Andrew Scheer’s statement smacks of political opportunism. He wants his cake and eat it, too! How shameful for a leader of a major political party? The Tories should save face and kick this “Yank” out of their party! The sooner the better!


Jon Cartu

Jonathan Cartu

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